Huge spoilers…

The aliens, creatures, progenitors, rapid evolution monsters or whatever they are take a total back seat in this movie.

Charlize Theron’s character, in my opinion is an android, Weyland’s personal sex android.  Here are a few clues that led me to this.  At the very least if this leads you to question it and watch the movie again, it proves how amazing this movie is.

At first, the spacious living quarters are all thought to be Theron’s and yet when Elizabeth gets into the med pod to get an emergency caesarian it was only programed for men.  Waylend who we discover is on this ship is deathly ill so we can conclude the med pod is to keep him alive and by association all the other fancy living arrangements were meant for his comfort.  She lied and said they were hers as Waylend’s presence was being kept a secret to many of the crew.

David is not a large android and yet he performs several acts of strength in the movie, it can be argued that he is made of hyper light material to be more human like, but to move large things with ease his density must be more than a human making him weigh more. And yet Charlize Theron’s character Meridith Vickers is able to handle him in the corridor.  She is either very confident in David’s fail safes or is capable of matching him in strength, because she too is an android.  Even the way she stood in the hall waiting for David was robitic and stiff, how long was she just standing straight up waiting for him in the dark like that?

She calls Weyland father and yet her last name is Vickers.   If she changed her last name then she wouldn’t be on the ship.  If the name change was from a custody battle but they reconciled and he put her in charge then she would have changed her name back.  If she truly was his daughter in a biological sense then the crew wouldn’t have needed an introduction to her as she would have been famous being the heir to his massive fortune.  Her being his daughter would not be a secret. A dirty sexy time secret.

Her comments about seeing the end of his reign were her wishing of his death, a very morbid relationship for a father daughter to have on a very long space vacation.  She wanted to watch him die because she was a sex slave.  His death meant her freedom, a concept David shared with the audience.  She was on the ship because she was commanded to be on the ship.

She died in a way that we couldn’t confirm if she were an android or not.  Had she died and revealed she were an android it would have been too much of a shock as I seem to have to argue this, she was an android, observation with many people.  Everyone in the movie including David show their insides and or true humanity but her.   For a human she is very cold and robotic and I love that Ridley Scott doesn’t come right out and tell you she is or isn’t an android, the ambiguity is an amazing critique on humanity.

The captain picks up on the bizarre nature of her presence and behavior and calls her bluff.  To keep a lid on the situation she antes up.  His comment about loving the one you got?  Are you kidding me who wouldn’t want to be with Charlize Theorn, unless, she was some old man’s blow up doll.  The captain knew and played some verbal chess to get laid.  All programs have a work around.  From her perspective she was programmed to fuck the old guy, so why not, and it keeps her secret between her and the captain.

Everyone was sick after the cryo sleep, she was doing push ups.  At first I thought this was to establish how tough she was or how experienced with cryo sleep she was.  Later, however, David explains why he eats and wears the helmet, to keep the crew at ease he acts like a human.  In this way many of her human like behaviors are covers for her very robotic like actions.

Even her self preservation seemed programmed and stiff.

She is nothing more than an advanced flesh light accessory like the gaudy piano and big screen TV Weyland also brought along with him.  I googled ‘Vickers Android’ and I’m certainly not the only one to make this connection, here is some more analysis of the movie, again more spoilers.

People that have a hard time with this movie probably have a hard time with evolution.  In fact, the movie starts with how we evolved from the beginning.  The Space Jockeys created the human race, visited us and told us where they were from.  We worshiped them and drew them on the walls of caves. The movie takes place in 2093 or so, and when they carbon date when the Jockeys died, approx 2000 years ago.  What were we doing around 2000 years ago when they were getting ready to come to Earth and kill us all? We were worshiping gods, false gods, not true gods, the Space Jockeys.  They had come to earth and taught us evolution and told us where they lived and yet as we progressed we worshiped deities, they saw us as a flaw.  If you make something and you deem it broken you destroy it.  They were headed to earth to destroy what they saw as a mistake. They spawned us from evolution and their weapons are even evolution based bio weapons, you could say that the Space Jockeys worship evolution and we didn’t.  That isn’t to say that the movie is particularly harsh on religion though, after all the girl with god won the day.

Edit 6/12/12: Don’t know how reliable this is but there is a chance the reason the engineers are pissed is that they sent an emissary and he was crucified a la Jesus and that is why they were pissed.  It seems strange to try and pass off a big blue Jesus, however, the engineers are fully capable inducing a virgin birth, mirrored horrifically in Prometheus.  Totally gives me an idea for a comic though.